Healthier, Happier Me

Its been a long time coming but it’s time to get back to a healthier, happier me.


2009 me vs 2013 me

In 2009 I went on a #weightloss journey through Jenny Craig and successfully lost about 33 kilos. At the time I thought that all the weight loss would fix my self-esteem issues but sadly they did not.

I have since, after relocating and coming back to my beautiful country Zambia with all its wonderful, colourful food gained back all the weight I lost but I can honestly say that I am happier and more confident than I have ever been.

The lesson to be learned here is that if you don’t love yourself from the inside, you will never love what’s on the outside. For me, my self love journey began with finding He who loved me first,  He who loved me before I was formed (as opposed to looking for love in the world).

So here I am, at the beginning of another journey, not to transform my physical outlook, but to build a stronger,  healthier and happier me, both inside and out.


Yes I know my shoe lace is undone. This was after the workout and yep im still smiling.

No matter how much weight I lose, I’ll always be a curvyafricandiva. 

Stay posted to see my health journey.

Love Me 🙂

Afrochic Me: Maxi Dress

Im so loving African print material that when our choir uniform one Sunday was a maxi dress, any colour,  any style, I knew I had to go chitenge.

I chose an extra flared cut with sleeves and the tsilor did an awesome job (minus the hiccup with the zip )




Photography and pose direction by my tonga bull.
Equipment: Samsung S3
Location: Church

Love Me 🙂
Ps: Embrace your roots, there’s a reason God made you Zambian,  African and wherever it us you are from, He knew you before you were formed. Jeremiah 1:5

The Hair Diaries : Marley Braids

My current hair experiment is the wanna be dreads, more commonly known as Marley Dreads.

For this experiment,  I did some ‘thorough’ research on what hair to use and where i could get it done. My research (mainly me hounding my female workmates) ‘found’ that I would need Marley Braids,  I got the Janet brand which can be found in most hair shops, and that the best place to get it done would be Northmead (Lusaka, Zambia).

I opted for a place called Peniahs Hair Stylist, located behind the Northmead market.


Not your luxury salon but comfortable and clean

The braiding itself took about 3 and a half hours and boy did it hurt, I honestly recommend you carry some pain killers.

At the end of the braiding process, the hair is cut to your preferred length, sectioned off, braided and dipped in hot water to make curls like so…


And the end result…


Score out of ten: 5
Why? Looks good and will get you plenty of compliments but the pain was a little too much for me and you can forget about getting a good night’s sleep on the first night.

Love Me 🙂
Ps : Live life abundantly. John 10:10

The Hair Diaries: Crochet Braids with Marley

My next hair experiment was inspired by the following photo I came across on Pinterest, the Crochet braids with Marley:


I had my hair done at Lillians salon at Friday’s Corner Mall along Alick Nkhata Road, Lusaka, Zambia (Africa).

Initially it was too puffy so she had to take out some tracks. I wasnt too pleased with the final look but eventually it grew on me..and the compliments helped.


I think she trimmed them too short




It didn’t last long, ony had it for slightly more than a week, though it probably would have lasted longer (like an extra week) had it not been for all the swimming I did over the weekend. I had fun though, no regrets.


Got pushed in fully clothed

My score out of 10? 4. It looked good for a couple of days but lost major points because it had no staying power.

Onto the next one.

Love Me 🙂
Ps: Don’t forget, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Psalm 139 :14

The Career Series

You’ve got the degree,  you might even have obtained a Masters degree and you have what our parents like to call a ‘good job’.

But there’s a problem. You have been stuck at the same desk for 3  years, you are bored and you feel under-appreciated.

This was me….still is in some instances (hope my boss doesnt see this). I have gone through many phases and tried many attempts to solve my problem,  to get elevated and ultimately, to get excited about my career again.

A good friend of mine an avid reader, listener and writer of motivational literature recently introduced me to Zig Ziglar (you are probably thinking to yourself ‘where has she been?’ 

I am currently reading his ‘Great Quotes to Rise to the Top’ which has inspirational quotes on ones attitude, self-image, goals, motivation,  success and relationships.


Let it h bee said though, as i gain knowledge from others that have made it to the top, my inspiration and motivation comes from God, the author and perfecter of my faith, He who knows the plans He has for me; plans to prosper me, give me hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

The Career Series will be an insight into my rise to the top, the ups, downs and plateaus, and the lessons learned. Afterall, “God don’t sponsor no flops”- Ethel Waters.

Curvy African Career Woman