Health Journey: Step Up Your Game

Hi fit fam, I know it’s been a while since  i shared my health journey dramas with you…but not to worry,  im still keeping at it.

So, by my records it has been 12 weeks since I started my health journey and truth be told, I haven’t been going at it as hard as I can. Yes I have lost weight and yes I do look and feel great but like any over- achiever,  getting by just isn’t good enough anymore.

I decided to step up my game, push myself and take my workouts to another level.

Attempt Number 1 consisted if me buying the Insanity Workout dvds which I did for all of 3 days. I hurt my knee and working out alone is so not motivating.  TOTAL FAIL.

Attempt Number 2 was something I had been meaning to do for a while….
A friend of mine, Muz has undergone an ‘out if this world’ transformation (see pic below) and has made it his mission to help others like me meet our fitness/weightloss goals. He has his own company called LIVEFIT and runs boot camp sessions three times a week.


LIVEFIT trainer and Inspiration

To see his transformation is truly inspiring and gives me hope that I can do it too. So I decided to sign up for his boot camp and learn and be trained by an expert. 



(Mo’nique is also an inspiration to me)

Attempt Number 1 Boot Camp: I missed the first day of boot camp because I was running late, got off work late, traffic was mad and to be honest, I was scared….so I went for mid-week church service instead…my body may not have gotten a work out but my spirit sure did.

Attempt Number 2 Boot Camp: I didn’t have traffic for an excuse and got there with 20 minutes to spare. I was so nervous, my tummy was in knots and I felt sick.A part of me wanted to bail but I knew it was for my own good (part of this has to do with the psychological scars from high school of always coming out last in athletics etc) Needless to say,  I survived my first day. The other boot campers were very supportive and were made up of people of all fitness levels (so my fears of reliving high school were just in my head).

The best part of day 1 for me was the end lol…okay the best part was the sprints we did and the worst were the burpees and the frog jumps- these made me close to throwing up (yep, that bad)


Before: contemplating bailing out


After: so glad its over


Fellow boot camper and friend Fadillah, one of my sisters closeat friends actually


Muz: the trainer

As I write this I’ve successfully made it through my 2nd boot camp session.  The highlights of today’s session definitely have to be the “suicides” and with a name like that, not for a good reason.

Weightloss Stats: 1.4kgs down
Goal for the week: 1kg

If you feel like your workout routine is getting mundane, I challenge you to step up your game.

Team Curvy and Fit 🙂
He that is in me is greater.

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