Health Journey: Holiday Update

I have been visiting my folks in Berlin, Germany for the last 3 weeks or thereabouts and when you are travelling it’s so easy to forget your healthy eating habits. The allure of new and different foods that you just want to try, all the chocolates and other such bad foods that just seem to be EVERYWHERE you turn, coupled with the fact that you are away from your ‘fitfam’ and trainer…holidays are not easy people

Whilst I managed not to go completely off the wagon, I haven’t exactly been good. I spent the first couple of days sticking to my eating plan…then giving in here and there to a nibble of this and that which I would end up feeling so guilty about and imagining myself gaining back all the weight I’ve worked so hard to lose, looking in the mirror and seeing the old me.

Needless to say, I have avoided jumping on the scale my entire time here and said to myself “what happens in Berlin, stays in Berlin,  after all i am on holiday” (I can almost hear you guys going ‘oh-oh’)

Yesterday, I finally got the courage to weigh myself. Ultimately, when I started this journey, I knew I would have set backs and as my trip comes to an end, I am also aware that I am going back to my normal life…so it was a matter of asking myself which life i was going back to. .the new healthy me..or the other me who just existed and had no life in  her…so i weighed myself and…………….I have managed to gain 0.2kgs, meaning I have managed to maintain my weight whilst on holiday.

So hang on, haven’t I been bad?

Looking back I realise that my ‘cheats’ were not actually as bad my mind imagined them to be. If I had to calculate how much I actually ate in a day in terms of calories, it wouldn’t actually be as scary as I imagined. Also, whilst I didn’t exactly workout as I do at home (my trainer’s going to torture me when I get back), the fact that I had to be my mother’s legs, meant that I was walking to the shops everyday (which according to the handy S Health app is about 9kms daily)

Lessons learned:
1. Our minds are our worst enemy. It was a daily internal struggle not to beat myself up about failing, which had I not managed to control would have sent me on a downwardnl spiral. Our minds can exaggerate (in my case), or minimise, (which may be the  case for others) what we are actually putting in (be it food or other areas) so it is important to write things down.

2. Repeat an action for long enough and it becomes a habit. Eat healthy, smaller portions and it will become something you will do without thinking about it. I think this may be what saved me this trip.

Plan for the week

1. Bootcamp  (check out LIVEFIT on facebook) is back on my agenda with my 1st session being this friday. I’m excited (and scared!) I even got myself some new training shoes and other cute training gear, including different coloured neon socks 🙂


Cute right?

2. Do up my meal plan and go grocery shopping as soon as I get back.


More of this clean eating

I’m back #teamcurvyandfit


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