Why do we panic?


Every Friday after work, the first thing I usually do is get out of my work clothes and into something more comfortable.  This friday was the same only…I couldn’t get out of the dress!

Let me explain.

I have short arms and whenever I put on or take off a dress I always have to do this little dance where my hands move from top of the dress to the bottom a couple of times to get the zipper done (or undone). This time, my little dance didn’t work and I just couldn’t reach the zip anymore. So I figured I’d just pull it over my head. Yaba! (Zambian term equivalent to ‘Oh Dear!’). The arms of the dress were tight so here I am, head stuck in a half off dress- home alone (all the more reason to get married me thinks). I started to panic and I soon couldn’t breathe. In my head my only options were die of suffocation or get a scissors and cut myself out.

The scissors didn’t work because my arms were stuck in an upright position (and maybe a little because it was a new dress). And dieing was not an option.  In the end,  I had to calm myself down and  get my breathing to normal and once I’d done this, pull up the dress like my life depended on it.

This experience got me thinking on why us as Christians panic. Had I not panicked, my breathing would have remained stable and dieing of suffocation would not even have crossed my mind.  Yes, it was a scary situation but looking back on it, I just needed to have tugged harder to get the dress off the first time. 

Why do we panic when God says ‘ For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”- Isaiah 41:13. Why do we conclude a matter when God has not concluded it?

Oftentimes as Christians we go through difficult situations that test our faith and often times we fail. We are quick to say ‘The devil is a liar’ as opposed to doing what we are supposed to do-turning to God, our very present help in time of need. I read recently in a book by Andrew Wommack (You’ve Already Got It) that as Christians we give the devil too much credit for putting us in certain situations and that what this has done is take away from our faith in God. Somehow it has become more believable for the devil to harm us than for God to protect us or perform a miracle in our lives.

What ever happened to the Psalm 23 faith, that says His rod and staff comfort us? Or to the faith of Paul and Silas that gave praise to God causing the prison gates to unlock in Acts 16: 25-26?

Panicking, Fear, Anxiety, these are all  natural feelings but God works in the supernatural. The next time you find yourself in such a situation, try giving God thanks and praise and see if He won’t lift you out of it.



Me.  Very much alive and praising God.

The Big Chop

After last night’s mini anxiety attack, I couldn’t sleep (yes, over hair….don’t you roll your eyes at me! )

So I finally decided that in order to get some sleep and not end up failing to get up for church, I would just have to chop my hair…yep, ‘The Big Chop’. And so after midnight last night (or rather, early this morning) I did!


I understand now why its called ‘The Big Chop’, because it really is a hard decision to make. Leaving behind the security of the image of yourself you have had for a long part of your life… for me, an image I’ve had since I was about 7 years old.  Its definitely not easy…it’s not surprising I even had a dream about it.

Whether my anxiety was warranted or not, as I write this I’m reminded of the scripture “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” -Philippians 4:6.

Now, I’m sure you are thinking that God didn’t mean anxiety over hair  but do you see the words ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in that scripture I’ve just quoted? Yes, I think even big chop anxiety qualifies.  What I mean is that, nothing is to big or too small for God…if it concerns you, he is interested. He wants to be who we turn to in our time of need, no matter how silly we think it is. So if my request is to still look feminine after chopping my hair, I present it to God and thank Him because He has already done it.

I encourage you to take even the silly things to God and see it change your attitude and mindset.

This is why, I know I rocked my new look, its all about your attitude baby! (im convinced that sentence needed a ‘baby’ to drive my point hehehe).

Phew! That’s a lot of words just to tell you I did it. A week before my birthday as I initially planned. And I LOVE it.



Curvy African Nappy DIVA.

The BC (Big Chop)


In March of this year, I decided to stop ‘relaxing’ my hair (using chemicals to straighten it). This means I have been transitioning (getting back to my natural hair without chopping it all off) for the last 8 months.

I told myself I would do the ‘BC’ on my birthday which is in exactly 1 week. I think I am having a bit of anxiety over it because last night I dreamt I had chopped my hair…though in my dream I was rocking a fabulous TWA (teeny weeny afro).

Part of why im anxious is because I’m scared I won’t look feminine (I chopped my hair once before in high school and I begged my mum not to make me go back to school that term (I thought I looked too much like my dad…I should try unearth some photos from that era). 
The second major reason is because I’m planning on getting married soon (in less than 9 but more than 4 months…lol gotta keep you guessing) and friends and family have been discouraging me from doing it.

So here I am, having just taken out my weave and trimmed off the ends, holding my scissors, tempted to chop my hair now rather than wait a week. What difference will a week make?

Decisions,  decisions.


Curvy African Maybe Natural (by the end of the night) Diva.

Young Talent Shoutout: Abigail

Today’s post is a quick shout out to a young lady designer and also my friend’s young sister, Miss Abigail.

I first noticed her work on facebook,  when her sister posted some photos of some pieces she made and I just knew I had to have her do something for me.

I finally have  my first Abby Chitenge Designs skirt…check it out:




Thank you Abby, I love it! Abby is based in Lusaka, Zambia and if you would like one for yourself be sure to message me and I will pass on her details.

Me 😉