My Funny Valentine

I may not believe in Valentine, but I do believe in love- God’s love, the greatest love of all, the love of family and the blessing to be loved by a man after God’s heart.

This post is dedicated to a man whom I love and a man that I know loves me for me. Yes, I know how cliché it sounds when a woman says “he loves me for me”…but there’s no better way to explain it.

7 years ago a tall, handsome man walked into the bank where I worked as a Customer Service officer…and soon became a good friend and shoulder (broad, strong shoulder at that hehehehe) to lean on. He stood by me, a good and constant friend even when my life was a mess. He never gave up on me and he gave me the opportunity to find my way back to God and experience the greatest love I have ever known (that John 3:16 kinda love)

Today,  that man, still tall and very handsome man (if I do say so myself) is my friend, my rock on earth, my love and hubby to be. He makes me happy, he makes me smile, he pushes me to ‘faith harder’, to believe in myself more…and what I love most about him…he makes me laugh…he is my funny valentine.




I hope you find your funny valentine…but if you are still waiting, don’t ever doubt that God’s love is the greatest love of all.


Credit: Photos by Oliver