You Didn’t Need God

You know the saying ‘When it rains, it pours?’ Life can be like that sometimes..for both non- believers and believers.

Lately, it seems like it has been pouring in my life. ..well not pouring but theres definitely been some funny looking clouds. It just seems like it’s one thing after another; this time the suspension of the car needs to be replaced (Is that even the correct terminology? Forgive me, my car knowledge only extends to getting in and going from point A to point B). Then last month it was a new car battery, the time before that it was something else and the cycle goes on and on….and never seems to end.

So today when my Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome told me about the suspension and how much it would cost, I lost it.. slightly. I mean c’mon! We are trying to save for a wedding and for our home AND for our lives after that but all these things every month, I tell you, they are not helping our cause. At times it certainly does feel like we take 2 steps forward and 15 steps back! So I asked him why things never seem to go right for us. Why can’t things for just this once be okay. I said to him that it seems that ever since I re-committed my life to God and became that dirty word ‘Pentecostal’ (refer to previous post) I get sick more often than I did before and things just seem to always go wrong, that I didn’t remember my life being like this before.

This is what he said in his baritone voice (lol I kid…he does have a nice voice though). So anyway, this is what he said (paraphrased of course)…

It might feel like nothing is going according to our plans but perhaps God is allowing these things to happen because He wants us to totally rely on Him to provide what we need. Think back to when your life seemed to go according to plan, no stresses and no sickness. You probably just didn’t notice the tough times because your parents were around to take care of everything for you.  You didn’t need God. You didn’t need Him  because your parents had the answers. You probably didn’t even know how to pray and or how to believe in God for your healing, or how to have faith in Him to work things out for you.

He is right.  I didn’t know what faith in God was, my faith was in my parents who would pay for my food, yes and even service my car. My prayers probably consisted of ‘Thank you for mummy and daddy and for this food Amen.’

Don’t get me wrong, being thankful to God is important. But the Bible says, ‘In all things, give thanks’- 1 Thesalonians 5:18. Not just for things you already have, or when things are all hanky-dory, but in ALL things (good and bad, smooth or rough, richer or poorer).

Why? What does giving thanks in a bad, rough and poorer situation do? It builds your faith that’s what. (Oooh that’s a revelation right there for me) 
It helps you believe that indeed your ‘God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory’- Phillipians 4:19

So yes, fixing the suspension thingy will cost us quite a bit, and yes we will have to dip yet again into our savings. But also we know that ‘ALL things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose’- Romans 8:28.


No good thing does He withold!

God, i need you.
Lord, I thank you in advance.


Dirty Word

I already posted this on my Facebook but thought I’d share it here aswell:

Why is ‘Pentecostal’ such a dirty word in some people’s minds? Yes I am Pentecostal, but ultimately and most importantly, I am a Christian.

1 God, 1 Jesus, 1Holy Spirit. If you believe in the same God I do, we are just the same,  #brothersandsistersinChrist

The greatest of these is LOVE’, we are called to LOVE first, but if we can’t show love amongst ourselves, how will we lead others to the greatest love of all #spreadlovenothate.



‘Hair’ We Go…again

Sooo…It’s almost 6 months since I big chopped..and what a six months it has been…I guess you could call this my ‘half 1st year anniversary’ (I know that doesn’t make sense). 

Anyway. …in that time I have fallen in love with my natural hair, cried over it, dreamt I permed it again and seriously considered it, fallen in love with it again..and so the cycle goes..

According to research (puts on spectacles for that serious look), I have what the experts call 4c hair…which just means that I have that stubborn, coily, almost unmanageable, make you wanna cry, kind of hair. See for yourself…


Nappy, kinky, coily

This is why I’ve spent the better part of six months with my hair braided in different ‘protective’ styles (I don’t get that whole protective styling thing, hence the air quotes…what makes it protective anyway?) kinda like this…


Twists/Afro Kinky Twists

I haven’t quite gotten into making my own oils and potions, so i would lie if i said i use the ‘Lock-in method’, or is it called ‘Green house effect’…my hair regime consists mainly of Shea butter and some pretty good shampoo and conditioner. A friend and fellow naturalista advised me to invest in some of these home made conditioners to help improve the texture of my hair, so i am considering it, but I draw the line at the green house.

Despite my lazyness (lets call a spade by its proper name name) I have seen some good growth…


Growth see?

…although I find that my hair is at that funny length where its not short enough that my TWA comes out right (I think), and its not long enough to tie into a puff… (hence the temptation to perm it)…. but I have decided to perservere with my natural look.

Yes, I’m going to stick it out, despite the funny looks from my brother and the sarcastic comments from workmates about whether ‘that hair is per approved dress code policy’ (Zambia is still so far from embracing the ‘Natural movement’, if at all one can call it that, especially in the professional environment…but that’s a debate for another day, and probably for someone with the energy to fight it)

Instead I have decided to get a lil bit more creative with my styling…



My latest hair style has me with some patterned cornrows, leaving out the front of my hair for that ‘wash n’ go effect.  What do you think?

I quite like it. 

Not sure if my employers will appreciate my efforts though.

I don’t care.

Naturally yours,

NappyKinkyCoilyDIVA 🙂