Working Hard…or Hardly Working?

Lately,  a couple of people have been asking me if im still ‘dieting’….not to worry, I have managed to resist the temptation to strangle them as I scream ITS NOT A DIET, ITS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!’

So, to answer their questions. Yes and No. Yes I am still on my weightloss journey, and No because, like I said, its a lifestyle change. I do watch what I eat 90% of the time, but I do also treat myself. Yes I do work out (sometimes religiously) but I do also have my “gym today? Meh…” days. When I get back to it, I have my personal trainer who kicks my butt for disappearing on him…speaking of due for a beating!

Here’s what my gym buddy and I have been up to…or rather not been up to lately (hides face)


#GymSelfie Clearly we have our priorities right





Another thing about gyming, let alone having a personal trainer is that truth be told, it can get expensive.

One thing that should never change is your mindset about your ultimate goal.
Find a way to make it work.
What I do when I’m not able to volunteer myself for physical torture is i try to go for walks/jogs (mostly walks lol). If you have a DVD Player, you can also invest in some work out DVDs like Insanity (lol which I did for all of 3 days, Shaun T is….insane!) or Gillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.

I have been lazy lately but thanks to all yall checking up on me, I better get back to it.

Now activating #beastmode



A Weekend in Lusaka

This Curvy African Diva had a busy weekend…

Saturday Morning: a day of pampering (Hair, Nails, Make-up) and photoshoot for my cousins Boutique/ Salon, Yami’s Collection (watch out for the ads out this weekend)
Saturday Afternoon: a friends Bridal Shower (a.k.a a Kitchen Party in Zambia)
Sunday Morning: Church (but of course) Sunday Afternoon: much needed sleep!!!
Sunday Evening: supporting a friend at a live performance of his album (J2, Till Dreams Do Us Part) at The Misty.

Phew! I could probably make it as a Real Housewife of Lusaka (cept I actually love my career…and I’m not married..yet!)… (note to self: I should actually start a series on my blog called Real Housewives of Lusaka featuring my married friends)

Here’s a snapshot of my weekend in pictures:


Kitchen Party OOTD


That guy ruined the shot!


Sunday Evening, J2 unplugged


Stepped outside just to show you my outfit


My Date...but of course!

Stay fabulous!
Remember, Life is for living  John 10:10