He Planned It All

I had one of those ‘bleh’ days where you float through work watching the clock, looking forward to home time. If i am to be completely honest,  I seem to be having a few of those lately….

So I was in serious need of a pick-me-up (no , not that kind, the goo-ey chocolatey kind…mmm…yum…) and decided to stop at the shops on the way home….Which resulted in the most interesting,  slightly weird, but odly uplifting days I have had in a while…here’s what happened:

1. I saw Wynter Kabimba  (Zambian politician)…it was like meeting a celebrity..well..more like meeting a villain from your favorite vampire series (not that he is or looks like a vampire). I’m not really into politics, and prefer not to air my views but it was an interesting encounter nonetheless. What struck me was the confidence with which he carried himself, it was kind of infectious.

2. I was in Food Lover’s (fresh food grocery store here in Lusaka…oooh free advertising) hovering too closely to the apple pie by the salad section when a young guy about 20 yrs old walked up to me. He introduced himself and nervously went about explaining how he saw me outside and followed me inside (he was too cute, in that younger brother kind of way,  for me to get freaked out) and was so embarrassed to ask me something but eventually asks me for bus fare (are buses that expensive?) to get home I can only presume. 
I’m not sure I bought his whole story but i decided to give him half and told him to ask someone else for the other half. He looked disappointed but still thanked me. He then proceeded to apologetically give me his full name again and tell me what college he’s at and what he is studying as if to reassure me that he’s a straight kid.

As I left the shop, I started to feel guilty that I didn’t give him the whole amount, after all, I did have it. I tried looking for him but couldn’t find him. However, I’m content that I at least helped out.

3. The cab driver I was with disappeared into the mall and as I waited for him outside, I noticed 2 young men taking photos of each other,  posing by the greenery for photos that they will most likely post on facebook. I remembered something a Pastor spoke about just the previous night about making someone’s day not for a reward from God, but just because you love God.
So i walked over to them and offered to be their photographer so they could have some photos together.

Afterwards, we had a chat and I found out a little about them. I posed for a photo with one of them and he promised to find me on Facebook.  It was  refreshing to be nice to people for no reason 🙂

4. As I walked to the cab I heard the sound of a hooter like someone was trying to get my attention.  I looked around and see a friend I haven’t seen in ages, whoni gad actually been thinking about. That put a smile on my face.

Turns out I didn’t need the   gooey chocolate piece of cake.

I know God planned all these encounters to brighten my day…and hopefully He brightened up someones day through me. It was all part of His perfect plan for me. He is concerned about us, every aspect of our lives, even our ‘bleh’ days.

He has a perfect plan for you, simply because He loves you.


Me 🙂

Journey to the Altar: Lessons

10 Lessons Learned so far:

1. Not everyone who shows up actually wants the best for you, some actually don’t want to see you happy. Some just want to make it difficult for no reason (but remember point number 6).

2. You can have A LOT of friends and NO friends at the same time.

3. Some are only in it for the fun ride,- ignore them. Those who want to be there will be there- they are the ones that will call and text to check up on you.

4. EVERYONE has an opinion of how it should be done.  Listen politely but stand your ground. Mum is probably right (and I will only realise this after the fact)

5. Fight for what you want and remember why you started this journey. Don’t get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing.

6. Forgive.

7. PRAY. A couple that prays together, stays together.

8. His plan is perfect.

9. He who started a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.

10. He will never leave you nor forsake you #iamafriendofGod


Ps: Don’t try to do everything alone! God 1st, then family and friends (the ones you can trust).

I’m still learning as we go- its definitely not a smooth ride but with faith, we know we will get there.