The Getting Married Diet

So, word has gotten around that I have been on a diet because I want to lose weight for the wedding…which is not the case as you should all know from  reading my posts…right? (It can’t just be my mum who follows me :-/)
Although….it wouldnt hurt to look extra hot (in a respectable way of course) as I say goodbye to singlehood and make a right turn onto marriage bliss highway.

After months of eating clean (in between several cheat meals days weeks months) , aerobics, boot camp and personal trainers, I have discovered the ‘getting married diet’, hereafter referred to as ‘The GMD’.

Now this diet isn’t for every Jim and Jane. In order to be on the GMD, one has to be about to tie the knot;  get married,  commit to one man (or woman, though the experts do not state whether this diet works for men getting married too) for the rest of one’s life.

The theory behind this special diet according to the experts (Zambian Aunties and elderly women from church) is simple; The stress from all the planning, running up, down and sideways, plus the family drama (as two very large families try to make sense of the other’s way of doing things) will ensure that you will not have time to feed yourself, let alone even think about feeding yourself-  the weight will just melt off of you! Brilliant!

Someone tell that to my body.

Darn it, im out of chocolate, please hold my chips.

Tiye Tiye For God’s Kingdom

‘Many of us tend to think “Everything I have is the Lord’s,  except my eating and exercise habits. Those are mine.” Or we think,  “My life is the Lord’s,  but my body belongs to me, and I can do with it whatever feels good”. But when we are the Lord’s,  our body has to be surrendered to Him just like everything else. Caring for our body is not something we can do successfully independent of God.

The motivation for what we do in the area of body care is very important. It will affect how successful we are. If we eat right and exercise merely to look great in our clothes,  it won’t be enough to sustain us as we get older. But if we eat right and engage in proper exercise for the purpose of being a more vital, healthy, energetic and useful servant of the Lord, this has eternal consequences and you are more likely to stick with it.’extracted from The Power of A Praying Woman, Chapter 23 by Stormie Omartian

I dont know about you but lately i have been struggling to keep up with my healthy habits. Maybe it is because i have achieved my goal to look good and feel better about myself,  so hey, i can take it easy right? Wrong.

The above extract from the book ‘The Power of a Praying Woman’ by Stormie Omartian (the chapter entitled ‘Lord, Heal Me, Help Me Care for My Body’) has given me the push i need to keep going and i hope it helps someone else out there too.

We all know that weight loss is positively linked to our level of confidence.   And all of us can testify that this health journey is no walk in the park, but have you ever wondered why?  Have you ever thought that maybe you are struggling because the enemy who comes to ‘steal, kill and destroy’ (John 10:10) is fighting you on this one because he knows the power and confidence your weight loss journey will build inside you for you to fulfil Gods purpose for your life, for His Kingdom?

Some of us may be struggling to win this battle, but instead of trying to do it in our own strength what we need to do is committ even this battle of our health journey to the Lord.


Tiye Tiye for God’s Kingdom.