Attracting a Rich Oga

So here i am shamelessly watching a Naija movie (yes, on a Friday night). I don’t really know what the movie is about (not that you ever can with these movies) but this girl and her friend are making  plans on  how to attract a rich Oga  when she ends by declaring “I reject any form of oppression!”

Despite the means, one has got to love her Nigerian faith and reserve to act.

This got me thinking….
A lot of Christians have prayed and are expecting God to place their need into their laps…and…..nothing.

And when nothing happens, we think that ‘it’s not Gods plan’ when in fact He has already answered.

So what’s blocking your answer? You. Or rather, your inaction.

Do not just passively wait on God to move in your life. What are you declaring over your life? What steps have you taken – in faith?

Pray for rain and walk out with an umbrella.  Go on, go and get your ‘rich Oga’.

‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue’ – Proverbs 18:21