Heal Our Nation

“My nation Zambia is Prosperous and at Peace”. This has been part of our invocation as Mount Zion Christian Centre for 2014. These might have semmed like just mere words at the beginning of this year but this declaration was for a time such as this.

From Independence eve (23rd October 2014) a song has been on my heart. I did not understand why my spirit would lay the words of this song upon my heart, especially at a time of celebration, a time of jubilee. It makes sense now. Please share this prayer:

” LORD, WE LONG FOR YOU to move in power;
There’s a hunger deep within our hearts,
To see healing in our nation.
Send Your Spirit to revive us:

Heal our nation,
Heal our nation,
Heal our nation,
Pour out Your Spirit on this land.

Lord we hear Your Spirit, coming closer,
A mighty wave to break upon our land,
Bringing justice, and forgiveness.
God we cry to You, ‘Revive us'”




Peace Be Still.