LOTD: Bright, Bold & Beautiful

Its been a while since i posted up some my “outfits of the day” (OOTD) so here’s  a quick one.

I actually dreamt up this look…or maybe spent too much time on Pinterest before falling asleep  🙂 so i knew exactly what i wanted to wear today.


Work Selfie


Outfit Details
White  Mesh Top: Jet
Pink Jersey:  Mr Price
Purple Belt: Mr Price
Skirt: “Thrifted” (Fresh off the streets of Lusaka)
Yellow Pumps: Online

Oh and Hair by Nana using AfroKinky.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful.

Mrs. CurvyAfricanDiva

Getting Married in Zambia | Step 2 (Ichilangamulilo)

Your dad and uncles have done their part and now it’s mum and your aunts time to shine at the ‘showing of the fire’.

This part of the getting married process is fun for the aunties but can be the source of nightmares for you for days to come. They gather around camp like fires (mbaulas or braziers; portable cooking stoves that use charcoal) the night before this event prepping vegetables and telling stories late in the night. You are taught a few things but retire early for a long sleepless night.  The aunties are up very early the next morning and the cooking begins. You on the other hand; wake up with a running tummy, having had nightmares about the “Big Pot”.


Mother of the Bride


The Drummers and the Aunties

Its time for you to come out of the room you have been sitting in for hours. Your hour of reckoning is upon you, its time to face the BIG POT. You are led by the aunties, hidden underneath a chitenge (traditional cloth of about 6m long) crawling to the BIG POT (this is where the scraped knees come in). There are drums playing and the aunties are happy, singing their traditional songs, money exchanges hands and you, the bride, are unveiled.


About to be unveiled


"Uku Kunkula" - a sign of respect/humility

The BIG POT isn’t as bad as you thought…its actually quite fun once you get the hang of it. Plus, seeing your friends having a go at it after you is entertaining. (The BIG POT is where the Nshima (Zambian staple dish made from maizemeal) is cooked, to go with all the other yummy traditional dishes that have been prepared).


The Bride and THE BIG POT

The food has been cooked, the uncles have blessed it and off it goes, escorted by the drummers and singing aunties and friends, to be delivered to hunk of a man and his family.


A multitude of pots


Praying of the food. Prayer is everything


Food being taken to the grooms family




The friends that helped you get through it


The uncles

The purpose of the Ichilanga Mulilo- Your hunk of a man hubby-to-be and his family have been introduced to the foods from your family; a gesture that they are now welcome to dine with your family during your courtship and into your marriage.


Washing of the Grooms hands


The groom being treated to a traditional drink

Events such as this, though perhaps intimidating, are quite valuable in moulding you into you future husbands help- mate.

Stay tuned for more ….

Photocredit: Maynarj

Getting Married in Zambia | Step 1 (Meetings)

Apparently i had committed myself to writing  a ‘How-to’ guide to getting married in Zambia…then proceeded to leave you hanging. Ooops! I guess life got in the way.

Let’s get right into today’s lesson.

Step 1 (a, b and c…oh and d)
a) Hunk of a man asks you to marry him and you say yes. Thats simple enough.

It should be noted that said hunk of a man has been your friend for at least 5 years before  you finally agreed to be the lady whose hand he holds in public. It takes you this long to agree because you knew you would one day be married to him but just the thought of marriage was enough to send you running faster than Usain Bolt in the other direction…and head first into…lets call them… “not your Boaz”.

b)You now have to inform your family. (yes, it’s a pretty formal process that sees you making several trips to an uncle who then tells your parents- it would have been easier to tell your mum, who would then break your dads heart…but no, it just doesn’t happen that way. Don’t ask me why. That’s just the way it is.)

c) Hunk of a man then has to undergo a series of interviews from previously mentioned uncle, (who also happens to be his dads best friend, so he has known him even longer than you have…) and heart broken dad who grills him for countless hours in end.

d) Hunk of a man who, bless his heart, has managed to get out of the interview round alive (and surprisingly  still wanting to marry you) now has to look for a team of uncles to meet your uncles on a pre-determined date and time, at your head uncles house (let’s call him ‘the informant’) They meet, they talk, they conclude. And VIOLA! You are officially engaged. Everyone goes their seperate ways and you have no idea what just happened. But you are engaged.


Phew! We are engaged!!


Its official

To be contcontinued……

Photo credit: Oliver