I Just Called to Say….


Lord, i know that lately my mind hasn’t been on You,
But on the little and so-called big worries of everyday life.
‘Do not be anxious about anything’, Your Word to me isnt new,
As i learn everday the Power of a Praying Wife.

So today i just want to Praise you, just for who you are,
You who first loved me, Before i was formed, You knew Me.
For what You have done Lord, for all Your splendour,
I praise You today, King of Kings, Majesty.

You deserve all Glory, You have been so good to me,
Several times i have knocked and many open doors I have seen.
You are worthy of all praise, there is nowhere else i would rather be,
I lift up my hands and my voice, looking back at where i have been.

Everlasting King, whose eye is ever on the sparrow,
Im thankful for Your ear thats always ready to hear my every cry.
I will always choose life, no matter the path thats narrow,
You are more than worthy, because just for me, you sent Your Son to die.

I know these words, compared to Your love Lord is not much,
But my heart will sing your praises all my days on this earth.
You who ensures that Your annointed, none can touch,
Your praise shall continually be in my mouth, though more is what you are worth.

I Love you Lord, more than anything i could ever give,
With everything that is within me, i present the praise You are due.
My words may make no sense, but for You Lord  i will always  live,
I just called to say…LORD I LOVE YOU.

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