Getting Married in Zambia | Step 3: Kitchen Party (Part 1)

It’s  been over a year since i had my Kitchen Party, which was on the 23rd of August, 2015.

What is a Kitchen Party you ask? It’s another opportunity for the bride to look beautiful of course!


Spot @LeSizzleCafe helping me get ready


Seriously though, going by my experience from my own Kitchen Party or “KP” as my mum and i call it, it’s another event that prepares the bride for marriage. 
Married women, most likey the brides family, the mother’s friends and her new family, come together to celebrate the brides upcoming marriage, as well as offer wisdom. More importantly, it is the mother of the brides “final goodbye” (figuratively of course) because her daughter is no longer her child, but has become a woman, responsible for her own home.

It’s not as morbid as it sounds.  It’s a celebration. Its a rite of passage. The best part? The gifts of course!

The reason for the theme of this party is because the guests bring different gifts, mainly for the kitchen,  to help the bride start her home- they don’t  say “the way to a mans heart is through his stomach” for nothing.
Gifts range from big items such a a stove and fridge to smaller items such as dinner sets, cutlery, a toaster and other appliances, cooking sticks, you name it. Traditionally (though I’m not quite sure where this particular “tradition” came from, i have an idea but can’t be bothered to get into that right now), the Brides family purchases the stove, whilst the grooms family purchase the fridge.


Bride's stage and committe gift display

Also, the MOB (Mother of the Bride) would have set up a committee of her closest friends prior to the event that help her not only plan the event, but also purchase some of the biggger items for her daughter- you can only imagine how expensive it can get! Then the rest is brought by the guests- who depending on the invitation will be asked to bring gifts only or money only  or both- the money option is normally to enable the bride to purchase fir herself what she wants for her kitchen as gifts can get repetitive. Alternatively, thd brude can set uo a registry. My invitation gave our guests an option of either gift or money and let’s just say i raised a considerable amount of money and i got a number of gorgeous dinner sets that i still don’t have space to store it all.


Invitations with Save The Date Bookmarks


Committee gifts on display

The bride will also have her committee of friends that put money together to gift her items to add to the display, as well as help in ensuring the event goes on without a hitch. This normally includes setting up the display, keeping the bride calm, welcoming guests and any thing that the MOB may require. The committee is identified by their uniform chitenge, check out my fabulous friends below


Committee if awesome friends

Stay tuned for the Brides entrance…To Be Continued…

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