OOTD: Blue Skies and Tartan

It’s official Summer is here!

It’s  gotten so hot over the last couple of days and yesterday i really did not feel like getting out of the  house. All i wanted to do was sit on the couch, watch movies and eat my  second favorite summer treat – freezits! (Popular iced treat in Zambia). My all time favorite treat is cool watermelon.

So anyway, i have choir practice on Saturday afternoons so staying indoors was not an option. So what do you wear when you dont want to wear anything?

I decided to keep it simple with a plain white tee, stretchy tartan skirt and borrowed green sandals.




God blessed me with a change in weather – i ended up enjoying a cool breeze and some drops of rain and it totally changed my mood. Definitely  worth an afternoon of praising Him.

Don’t you just love it when God surprises you?

Outfit Deets
Tee: Pep
Skirt: Identity (SA)
Sandals: borrowed from a friend who got them from her sister  (i know right)
Hair: Custom made wig by Yam’s Collections at Arcades Mall

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