The Right Investment

Apart from Accounting 100 during my Bachelors and International Accounting during my Masters, i successfully managed to run away from all forms of accounting during my student career – i hated it that much. 6 years later, happy with my career path which i thought had no use for accounting and bam! Accounting principles for Credit Managers.

I had 2 options.

Option 1: i am not a Credit Manager and therefore i don’t need to attend the training.

Option 2: keep quiet and hustle.
I chose option 2. And now after 6 years away from University, here  I am studying for an exam on Friday.

Life always gives us options and it is up to us to pick the easy way out and stay at the same level…or pick the more challenging option, work hard and struggle through it for a short while and eventually succeed.

I believe you get out of life what you put into it; to yse the Word of God (which should be our basis for EVERYTHING), “you reap what you sow”.

How can i expect to be a Head of Commercial Business Banking or CEO if i do not build on the skills i have? Indeed, how can you reach the roof level of your house if you don’t (or wont) keep adding bricks?

How can i expect to become more intimate with God if i dont struggle through reading His Word and go from reading 1 Chapter every 3 or 4 days to 3 chapters a day? From praying a 5 minute thank you Lord prayer to a 1 hour prayer, also listening out for what God has to say to me?

The bottom line is you are your bottom line. best investment you can make is in yourself. Trust God to do the rest and open those doors. Could be those doors have been opened for a while but you were busy running away from Accounting and were not ready to walk through them.

Before 30

Today i say goodbye to my 20’s and hello to my 30’s.

To be honest with you, i haven’t really been excited about my Birthday this year, which, trust me is really shocking for me. I am a big advocate for celebrating birthdays and making sure that a birthday is made special. My parents spoiled me with cake and presents each year, sometimes even a party just to make me feel special on the day. When i was in boarding school, my parents would either come visit me or send me some goodies on my birthday…so yes, i have been blessed (read spoilt) and birthdays are a big deal for me.

I haven’t  been excited about the big 3-0 and here is why….

I had so many plans/hopes/dreams that i  wanted to have achieved by this day. I thought by 30 i would have my first child. I also thought i would have my own house (with a big garden) in my name, instead of still paying rent. That my event business would be successful, with me owning my own exclusive venue. Finally, that i would have made strides in my career and probably at Executive level.

But the day is here and i haven’t achieved any of the things that i wanted to. But you know what? It’s okay.

It’s okay because even though i am not where i want to be, i am in a great place. And you know what, i have achieved a lot and i am truly blessed ( and I’m not just saying that).
I have a family and a husband that love me (the twins are still coming). I have a good job and a good income (and i will still be an Executive one day). I am very hopeful about my business and i am excited about the God given ideas for its expansion. Most importantly for me, i now know who God has called me to be; the calling He has placed over my life. I welcome the challenges and i am excited for the start of my ministry.

Yep, i did good.  But i couldn’t have done it without God looking out for me. I just want to take this moment and publicly declare my love for God. I am sooooo grateful for what He has done in bringing me this far, that i am alive today and i am thankful  for His PERFECT plan over my life- His time is best.  So i dedicate this day to praising Him and i dedicate this song by Pastor Donnie McClurkin to my Maker.

“Great is Your Mercy toward me
Your Love and Kindness toward me
Your tender Mercies i see
Day after day

Forever Faithful towards me
Always providing for me
Great is Your Mercy towards me
Great is Your Grace”


Life is good @30

Interviews and Auditions

I started writing this moooonths ago but never got round to finishing it..but here goes…

I have spent the last couple of weeks of my life in a jittery state. I dont know about you but whenever i have something big happening, i get so nervous and my life becomes a series of sleepless nights and a running tummy (as if I’m on some kind of detox)- my final year exams were definitely  a time i would rather forget.

The last 2 weeks i have been preparing for job interviews and auditions.  There is nothing worse than putting yourself out there (in a vulnerable) position to be judged by people who know nothing about you – and it’s entirely up to you to impress them in 10 minutes or less. You can go through as many interview questions as possible, or rehearse the song you’re going to sing a thousand times,  but the outcome isn’t really up to you. You performance will be judged by those who have granted you this opportunity.


My life back when i first started writing this felt like it was in limbo. The music ministry at my church was being refreshed and I needed a new job (and more money, that always helps). Simply put, i needed to be in a place where i would be given the opportunity to grow, to flourish, to be able to spread my wings. I was so unhappy in my previous job that waking up was a struggle. I had attended a couple of promising job interviews before, i had been told the job was mine but somehow i always found myself walking through the same doors.

I reached a point where i think i gave up and accepted my fate in a place that was making me unhappy. Till i got a call and i found myself preparing for an Interview and an Audition in the same week.

Was i ready for the biggest performances of my life?
Truth be told, i wasn’t. There’s only so much i could have done to prepare- this was one if the first times i totally relied on God- you know, when you say “let Your will be done in my life Lord”, only this time you really mean it.


4 months down the line, i am in a new job with a new company that is encouraging me to grow, to flourish and to spread my wings and my ministry is back on track and i have been asked to be a part of its leadership (me, the girl that thought she couldn’t even sing).

It wasn’t an accident that i had an interview and an audition in the same week- God was up to something and He isn’t finished with me yet. Just like He isn’t finished with You. He has not forgotten about you- He knows what you are going through and He is up to something.


The Career Series

You’ve got the degree,  you might even have obtained a Masters degree and you have what our parents like to call a ‘good job’.

But there’s a problem. You have been stuck at the same desk for 3  years, you are bored and you feel under-appreciated.

This was me….still is in some instances (hope my boss doesnt see this). I have gone through many phases and tried many attempts to solve my problem,  to get elevated and ultimately, to get excited about my career again.

A good friend of mine an avid reader, listener and writer of motivational literature recently introduced me to Zig Ziglar (you are probably thinking to yourself ‘where has she been?’ 

I am currently reading his ‘Great Quotes to Rise to the Top’ which has inspirational quotes on ones attitude, self-image, goals, motivation,  success and relationships.


Let it h bee said though, as i gain knowledge from others that have made it to the top, my inspiration and motivation comes from God, the author and perfecter of my faith, He who knows the plans He has for me; plans to prosper me, give me hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

The Career Series will be an insight into my rise to the top, the ups, downs and plateaus, and the lessons learned. Afterall, “God don’t sponsor no flops”- Ethel Waters.

Curvy African Career Woman