The Right Investment

Apart from Accounting 100 during my Bachelors and International Accounting during my Masters, i successfully managed to run away from all forms of accounting during my student career – i hated it that much. 6 years later, happy with my career path which i thought had no use for accounting and bam! Accounting principles for Credit Managers.

I had 2 options.

Option 1: i am not a Credit Manager and therefore i don’t need to attend the training.

Option 2: keep quiet and hustle.
I chose option 2. And now after 6 years away from University, here  I am studying for an exam on Friday.

Life always gives us options and it is up to us to pick the easy way out and stay at the same level…or pick the more challenging option, work hard and struggle through it for a short while and eventually succeed.

I believe you get out of life what you put into it; to yse the Word of God (which should be our basis for EVERYTHING), “you reap what you sow”.

How can i expect to be a Head of Commercial Business Banking or CEO if i do not build on the skills i have? Indeed, how can you reach the roof level of your house if you don’t (or wont) keep adding bricks?

How can i expect to become more intimate with God if i dont struggle through reading His Word and go from reading 1 Chapter every 3 or 4 days to 3 chapters a day? From praying a 5 minute thank you Lord prayer to a 1 hour prayer, also listening out for what God has to say to me?

The bottom line is you are your bottom line. best investment you can make is in yourself. Trust God to do the rest and open those doors. Could be those doors have been opened for a while but you were busy running away from Accounting and were not ready to walk through them.

Tangled Jewel

My mother loves buying me jewellery.  She loves jewellery and of course as her only daughter, it’s only normal that she expects me to love jewellery. I don’t love it but i don’t hate it either. I just like a simple, hassle-free life. On an ordinary day the most jewellery i have on is my wedding band  (but of course), a pair of earings (mind you sometimes it’s the same pair throughout the week) and a simple braclet that I’ve had for years with zirconia stones running around it (some of which have fallen off). So no, jewellery is really not my number one priority.

My mum loves buying me jewellery. She bought me 2 pairs of earings for my wedding (i only wore one), 2 bracelets (i only wore one) and two neckalces (i think i wore both (at seperate times of course) so at least i made an effort). I think my mum couldn’t decide which earings/bracelet/necklace to get me because each piece was beautiful. Or maybe it was because she knows how fussy i am so she needed to provide me with options- i dont know. All i know is that i love my mum and i want her to keep buying me jewellery.

Okay so now that i have established my indifference to jewellery i can continue…

On Tuesday i decided to wear a necklace to work. I dont know why but i did. I was going to wear a ‘salmon pink’ cardigan and I remembered i had a matching necklace. Now, as a person who is indifferent to jewellery you can imagine that i do not store my jewellery well so when i found the necklace i wanted to wear, it was tangled up with a bunch of other necklaces.

For some mysterious reason, i must have been very determined to wear this necklace because my normal reaction to the tangled mess would have been “Ah, forget this!”. However, despite the fact that i was running late for work i decided to sit on the bed and detangle the mess of about six or so necklaces just so that i could get wear that particular necklace. (maybe i was missing my mum).

If you have ever tried detangling a bunch of tangled necklaces you will know that it is not something you can rush through (lest you get them even more tangled). You have to work slowly and carefully, ensuring that you do not destroy the necklaces. You have to be patient.

So as i sat there slowly and carefully seperating my necklaces, it occured to me that this is exactly what God does with our lives. Each of us has a specific God-given purpose to fulfil, which He has placed inside of us. We are to discover what this purpose is but most times in our journey of life, as we are trying to discover what this purpose is we get tangled up. We get tangled up with looking for love in all the wrong places – with all the wrong people, getting hurt along the way, when all along the One who loved us first has always been there. We get tangled up living a life of lies, piling up debt and tossing away our self-esteem, trying to be people we are not because of the ‘perfect lives’ we see on the media (traditional and social media).

When we reach that place of being a tangled mess and the mess finally breaks us down to the realisation that all we really needed was God (duh!), what does He do? He gently picks us up and slowly and oh-so carefully begins to detangle us from the mess. He untangles us from self-loathing and frees us from low self-esteem. He untangles us from our fake lives and the people that are not meant to grow with us by showing us what we truly need to live a fulfilled life.  He untangles us from unrighteousness and sickness and pain and fills us wth love, joy and peace. He does not stop working on us and in us.

Its not an easy job and it’s not a job that can be rushed. Sometimes even during this process it looks like the tangled mess is worse than when He first began but worry not – He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. Nothing is impossible for God- there is no mess He cannot fix.

A tangled jewel is still a jewel after all.




Before 30

Today i say goodbye to my 20’s and hello to my 30’s.

To be honest with you, i haven’t really been excited about my Birthday this year, which, trust me is really shocking for me. I am a big advocate for celebrating birthdays and making sure that a birthday is made special. My parents spoiled me with cake and presents each year, sometimes even a party just to make me feel special on the day. When i was in boarding school, my parents would either come visit me or send me some goodies on my birthday…so yes, i have been blessed (read spoilt) and birthdays are a big deal for me.

I haven’t  been excited about the big 3-0 and here is why….

I had so many plans/hopes/dreams that i  wanted to have achieved by this day. I thought by 30 i would have my first child. I also thought i would have my own house (with a big garden) in my name, instead of still paying rent. That my event business would be successful, with me owning my own exclusive venue. Finally, that i would have made strides in my career and probably at Executive level.

But the day is here and i haven’t achieved any of the things that i wanted to. But you know what? It’s okay.

It’s okay because even though i am not where i want to be, i am in a great place. And you know what, i have achieved a lot and i am truly blessed ( and I’m not just saying that).
I have a family and a husband that love me (the twins are still coming). I have a good job and a good income (and i will still be an Executive one day). I am very hopeful about my business and i am excited about the God given ideas for its expansion. Most importantly for me, i now know who God has called me to be; the calling He has placed over my life. I welcome the challenges and i am excited for the start of my ministry.

Yep, i did good.  But i couldn’t have done it without God looking out for me. I just want to take this moment and publicly declare my love for God. I am sooooo grateful for what He has done in bringing me this far, that i am alive today and i am thankful  for His PERFECT plan over my life- His time is best.  So i dedicate this day to praising Him and i dedicate this song by Pastor Donnie McClurkin to my Maker.

“Great is Your Mercy toward me
Your Love and Kindness toward me
Your tender Mercies i see
Day after day

Forever Faithful towards me
Always providing for me
Great is Your Mercy towards me
Great is Your Grace”


Life is good @30

Getting Married in Zambia | Step 3: Kitchen Party – The Fashion

In Zambia, being invited to a KP is the perfect excuse to look good- its like a fashion show with models of all ages and sizes.
My day  was filled with so much colour and culture- starting with the decor, my outfit, the uniform chitenge worn in different patterns by the bride’s committee,  to the colourful outfits worn by the guests. 

Here are some looks from the KP:


My look, designed by Esnoko


Bride and Groom matching outfits by Esnoko


Some patterns by my ladies


I loved Nosizwe's bright pink heels


Jane's (LeSizzleCafe) unique top paired with a black skirt


Guests: My King's sisters


MOB (centre) stole the show!

That’s all folks!

OOTD: Blue Skies and Tartan

It’s official Summer is here!

It’s  gotten so hot over the last couple of days and yesterday i really did not feel like getting out of the  house. All i wanted to do was sit on the couch, watch movies and eat my  second favorite summer treat – freezits! (Popular iced treat in Zambia). My all time favorite treat is cool watermelon.

So anyway, i have choir practice on Saturday afternoons so staying indoors was not an option. So what do you wear when you dont want to wear anything?

I decided to keep it simple with a plain white tee, stretchy tartan skirt and borrowed green sandals.




God blessed me with a change in weather – i ended up enjoying a cool breeze and some drops of rain and it totally changed my mood. Definitely  worth an afternoon of praising Him.

Don’t you just love it when God surprises you?

Outfit Deets
Tee: Pep
Skirt: Identity (SA)
Sandals: borrowed from a friend who got them from her sister  (i know right)
Hair: Custom made wig by Yam’s Collections at Arcades Mall

OOTD: Kinda Funky, Kinda Fresh

What do you wear when you are supposed to look sporty yet you cannot you cannot wear your gym gear to church? And you are rocking some funky braided up-do?

Leather. And sneakers.




Outfit details:
Hair: Yami’s Collections, Arcades Mall Lusaka, Zambia
Tee: ‘Thiefted” from Hubby’s wardrobe  (but originally from Mr. Price)
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Sneakers: random sports store in Berlin

Special mentions:
MOA: Moi, as in me! I know right?
Photography: Selfie-stick (hubby has been replaced)

Ps: white ankle socks also thiefted from hubby – what’s his is mine kikikiki

Kinda funky, kinda fresh.


Peace out.

Flaunt It! (Respectfully)

I like to portray myself as a confident woman…well most times I am, but like any woman, learning to love my body and the skin I am is something I have struggled with for most of my “20-something” years on this earth.

Despite losing quite a bit of weight and seeing some positive changes in my body, there are still some parts of my body, which if given a choice, I would hide under a potato sack. In fact, for most of my high school days, I did (well not a sack but under baggy clothes).

This “problem area” is my  bum a.k.a booty and my thighs. I have accepted that no amount of squats will change this, “I got it from my momma” , thanks to her South African genes.

So instead of always putting myself down about it, I decided to try another tactic and embrace it, flaunt it (in a respectful, tasteful way), afterall, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am not a mistake and neither are you, don’t you forget it.

Praise Him for who and how He created you.


The 2nd shortest dress I have ever worn



That South African booty


Definitely the shortest dress I have worn in public


Ps: your confidence is what makes (or breaks) your outfit, no matter what kind of body you have.


My Weekend in Outfits

I have had myself a fun, activity – packed weekend and thought I’d tell you all about it going by the outfits I put together. I don’t consider myself a fashion guru but every girl likes to dress up right?

So here is my weekend in outfits….

Friday night: Friend’s Birthday Celebrations
Venue: Dolphin Restaurant (Northmead, Lusaka) for Dinner and Karaoke
Outfit: Glam – casual


Blue jeans, cream lace top, nude pumps and a gray envelope clutch.


My dinner date

Saturday Night: A Friend’s Wedding Reception
Venue: ZAF Chamba Valley
Outfit: Semi – formal
Ps: I did attend the Marriage Blessing, but was occupied with taking photos of the Bride and Groom


Lady in Red: red dress, belt, cluth and black heels


My date



Sunday Morning: Church
Outfit: Afrochic



Short Hair. Bright, bold yellow hoop earrings

Sunday Afternoon: Out ‘N About
Outfit: Casual


Peach t-shirt and dotted tube skirt with matching flats


His and Hers Casuals

What a fun weekend, let’s do it again.

Stay Blessed and fabulous.


Me 🙂

Health Journey: Pros (and Con?)

I have been on this journey for just over 3 months now and along with the weight I have lost, I have noticed a lot of other chages, so thought it would be fun to categorise them into ‘Pros and Cons (if at all)’.

Pros- the positive changes that keep me going

1. My skin is glowing! My workmates keep telling me my skin is glowing and “what product are you using” or “ooh girl you must be in love!” . Anyone who knows me well knows I’m the laziest person when it comes to facial products and routines (my mum has tried and failed to get me to ‘take better care of your skin, you are a woman’.) As for the being in love part,  I am very much in love….but my skin problems started around the time we met lol! My conclusion; clean eating is what has done it.


Before vs. Aftet

2. I look younger. Several people after seeing the photo below have commented on how young I look and one person went as far as saying I look 16!


3. I have a waist…well one you can define. Refer to above photo.

4. Boob shrinkage. If you have lived most of your life with a heavy set of these, you know what I mean.

5. Shopping has become more fun. I have been able to walk into shops and try things on with more confidence, not worrying about the stare coming from the fitting room attendant as if she’s saying “girl, who are you kidding? ‘

6. Random people at the most random of times noticing the changes my body has gone through. This morning I was beating myself up about not working hard enough…and then I hear a knock on my door and an old family friend is outside and exclaims at how I’m looking now. God knew i needed a pick-me-up.

7. The jealous stares!  I don’t know what it is about females and I’m not sure if this is just a Zambian thing but women normally give each other these funny looks when they see someone looking good and I have been getting those! Hehehehehe You know you only get haters when you are doing something right (ask Jesus)

8. I’m not as moody. I have a lot to be happy about. 😀


Happy Me

9. Being an inspiration to others. Knowing that my journey is helping someone else is humbling and  you will never know how far that text message, email, Facebook comment goes in keeping me going.

Cons- are there any?
Not that I can think of. Things such as clothes becoming loose and having to take my dresses to the tailor to be taken in every so often…well I can live with that!

CurvyFitGirl (yeah that’s me..)