Getting Married in Zambia | Step 4 | Get Me to the Church on Time!

It is is now 10 days to our 1st anniversary and i really, honestly can’t believe it has been a year already?!!. People say the first year (or couple of years) are the hardest because all the pretense  of dating and the excitement of planning a wedding have passed; its now just the two of you and there is no more pretending that you roll the toothpaste from the bottom when in fact you don’t.

Our first year was not easy, we laughed, we cried, we argued, we made up – nothing out of the ordinary (i think). It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it ( sorry, i couldn’t  resist that cliché).

As we celebrate our 1st year together, I’d  like to talk a walk down memory lane and wrap up my series on Getting Married in Zambia.


The morning of the wedding day for the Bride and Groom in Zambia is filled with last minute to-do’s and phone calls (unless your bridesmaids confiscate your phone)- mostly because it is not yet common to hire a Wedding Planner or the Bride,  if they are anything like me think that only we can get things done PER-FEC-TLY

You are the first one to wake up,  and you make sure you have your bath first before waking up the entire household. Of course you are coming down with the flu after spending the night before decorating the church with your fiance (you are an event planner and decorator after all). So lemon and honey tea, Strepsils and a dry piece of bread is sufficient for your breakfast.

You are just in time for your hair appointment but the stylist cant seem to get it just like the one in the picture you got off Pinterest…you are happy with the end result because you know you were just being fussy but of course you are late for your make-up appointment  (and now you look back and wonder why you didnt ask the stylist to come home like you did the make-up artist *duh*). But its okay, your make-up turned out perfect. So did your mum’s,  even though she thinks it’s  too much; but that’s mum for you.




The "it's too much make-up" face


Its time to get your dress on- wait! Where are the bridesmaids?? (i think I should write romance comedy at the rate I’m going with this post- but i promise, it was that dramatic). The brisldesmaids are late (no electricity at the salon perhaps?) but they are finally here to help the bride get ready- oh and they look fabulous thanks to the brides being dictatorial on their entire look.


Through out the ‘organised chaos’, dad is calm, reading the newspapers, having already done the seating arrangementsfor the reception.


Lawyer's scribble

The moment of truth……does the dress fit???? Yes! It does. It’s perfect (please note that this is not always the case for Zambian brides) but its got tooo many darn buttons!!


At this point, you say forget these 101 buttons, I’m  late! And off you go, to you handsome groom with half your buttons undone.


Service should have started at 10.00am


Vendor Information
Hair: Yami’s Collection Arcades Mall
Make-up: Embeauti Hair and Makeup Studio
Wedding Dress: Custom-made, LaceMarry Etsy Shop (Yes, i bought my dress online! I couldn’t  find any plus-size wedding dresses that suited my shape in Lusaka)
Bride’s  Shoes: Ebay
Hair Band: Brass Lotus Etsy Shop
Mother-of-the-Bride’s Dress: Online
Mother-of-the-Bride’s Shoes: Ebay

Getting Married in Zambia | Step 3: Kitchen Party – The Fashion

In Zambia, being invited to a KP is the perfect excuse to look good- its like a fashion show with models of all ages and sizes.
My day  was filled with so much colour and culture- starting with the decor, my outfit, the uniform chitenge worn in different patterns by the bride’s committee,  to the colourful outfits worn by the guests. 

Here are some looks from the KP:


My look, designed by Esnoko


Bride and Groom matching outfits by Esnoko


Some patterns by my ladies


I loved Nosizwe's bright pink heels


Jane's (LeSizzleCafe) unique top paired with a black skirt


Guests: My King's sisters


MOB (centre) stole the show!

That’s all folks!

OOTD: Blue Skies and Tartan

It’s official Summer is here!

It’s  gotten so hot over the last couple of days and yesterday i really did not feel like getting out of the  house. All i wanted to do was sit on the couch, watch movies and eat my  second favorite summer treat – freezits! (Popular iced treat in Zambia). My all time favorite treat is cool watermelon.

So anyway, i have choir practice on Saturday afternoons so staying indoors was not an option. So what do you wear when you dont want to wear anything?

I decided to keep it simple with a plain white tee, stretchy tartan skirt and borrowed green sandals.




God blessed me with a change in weather – i ended up enjoying a cool breeze and some drops of rain and it totally changed my mood. Definitely  worth an afternoon of praising Him.

Don’t you just love it when God surprises you?

Outfit Deets
Tee: Pep
Skirt: Identity (SA)
Sandals: borrowed from a friend who got them from her sister  (i know right)
Hair: Custom made wig by Yam’s Collections at Arcades Mall

OOTD: Kinda Funky, Kinda Fresh

What do you wear when you are supposed to look sporty yet you cannot you cannot wear your gym gear to church? And you are rocking some funky braided up-do?

Leather. And sneakers.




Outfit details:
Hair: Yami’s Collections, Arcades Mall Lusaka, Zambia
Tee: ‘Thiefted” from Hubby’s wardrobe  (but originally from Mr. Price)
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Sneakers: random sports store in Berlin

Special mentions:
MOA: Moi, as in me! I know right?
Photography: Selfie-stick (hubby has been replaced)

Ps: white ankle socks also thiefted from hubby – what’s his is mine kikikiki

Kinda funky, kinda fresh.


Peace out.

LOTD: Bright, Bold & Beautiful

Its been a while since i posted up some my “outfits of the day” (OOTD) so here’s  a quick one.

I actually dreamt up this look…or maybe spent too much time on Pinterest before falling asleep  🙂 so i knew exactly what i wanted to wear today.


Work Selfie


Outfit Details
White  Mesh Top: Jet
Pink Jersey:  Mr Price
Purple Belt: Mr Price
Skirt: “Thrifted” (Fresh off the streets of Lusaka)
Yellow Pumps: Online

Oh and Hair by Nana using AfroKinky.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful.

Mrs. CurvyAfricanDiva

A Weekend in Lusaka

This Curvy African Diva had a busy weekend…

Saturday Morning: a day of pampering (Hair, Nails, Make-up) and photoshoot for my cousins Boutique/ Salon, Yami’s Collection (watch out for the ads out this weekend)
Saturday Afternoon: a friends Bridal Shower (a.k.a a Kitchen Party in Zambia)
Sunday Morning: Church (but of course) Sunday Afternoon: much needed sleep!!!
Sunday Evening: supporting a friend at a live performance of his album (J2, Till Dreams Do Us Part) at The Misty.

Phew! I could probably make it as a Real Housewife of Lusaka (cept I actually love my career…and I’m not married..yet!)… (note to self: I should actually start a series on my blog called Real Housewives of Lusaka featuring my married friends)

Here’s a snapshot of my weekend in pictures:


Kitchen Party OOTD


That guy ruined the shot!


Sunday Evening, J2 unplugged


Stepped outside just to show you my outfit


My Date...but of course!

Stay fabulous!
Remember, Life is for living  John 10:10

‘Hair’ We Go…again

Sooo…It’s almost 6 months since I big chopped..and what a six months it has been…I guess you could call this my ‘half 1st year anniversary’ (I know that doesn’t make sense). 

Anyway. …in that time I have fallen in love with my natural hair, cried over it, dreamt I permed it again and seriously considered it, fallen in love with it again..and so the cycle goes..

According to research (puts on spectacles for that serious look), I have what the experts call 4c hair…which just means that I have that stubborn, coily, almost unmanageable, make you wanna cry, kind of hair. See for yourself…


Nappy, kinky, coily

This is why I’ve spent the better part of six months with my hair braided in different ‘protective’ styles (I don’t get that whole protective styling thing, hence the air quotes…what makes it protective anyway?) kinda like this…


Twists/Afro Kinky Twists

I haven’t quite gotten into making my own oils and potions, so i would lie if i said i use the ‘Lock-in method’, or is it called ‘Green house effect’…my hair regime consists mainly of Shea butter and some pretty good shampoo and conditioner. A friend and fellow naturalista advised me to invest in some of these home made conditioners to help improve the texture of my hair, so i am considering it, but I draw the line at the green house.

Despite my lazyness (lets call a spade by its proper name name) I have seen some good growth…


Growth see?

…although I find that my hair is at that funny length where its not short enough that my TWA comes out right (I think), and its not long enough to tie into a puff… (hence the temptation to perm it)…. but I have decided to perservere with my natural look.

Yes, I’m going to stick it out, despite the funny looks from my brother and the sarcastic comments from workmates about whether ‘that hair is per approved dress code policy’ (Zambia is still so far from embracing the ‘Natural movement’, if at all one can call it that, especially in the professional environment…but that’s a debate for another day, and probably for someone with the energy to fight it)

Instead I have decided to get a lil bit more creative with my styling…



My latest hair style has me with some patterned cornrows, leaving out the front of my hair for that ‘wash n’ go effect.  What do you think?

I quite like it. 

Not sure if my employers will appreciate my efforts though.

I don’t care.

Naturally yours,

NappyKinkyCoilyDIVA 🙂