Health Journey: Holiday Update

I have been visiting my folks in Berlin, Germany for the last 3 weeks or thereabouts and when you are travelling it’s so easy to forget your healthy eating habits. The allure of new and different foods that you just want to try, all the chocolates and other such bad foods that just seem to be EVERYWHERE you turn, coupled with the fact that you are away from your ‘fitfam’ and trainer…holidays are not easy people

Whilst I managed not to go completely off the wagon, I haven’t exactly been good. I spent the first couple of days sticking to my eating plan…then giving in here and there to a nibble of this and that which I would end up feeling so guilty about and imagining myself gaining back all the weight I’ve worked so hard to lose, looking in the mirror and seeing the old me.

Needless to say, I have avoided jumping on the scale my entire time here and said to myself “what happens in Berlin, stays in Berlin,  after all i am on holiday” (I can almost hear you guys going ‘oh-oh’)

Yesterday, I finally got the courage to weigh myself. Ultimately, when I started this journey, I knew I would have set backs and as my trip comes to an end, I am also aware that I am going back to my normal life…so it was a matter of asking myself which life i was going back to. .the new healthy me..or the other me who just existed and had no life in  her…so i weighed myself and…………….I have managed to gain 0.2kgs, meaning I have managed to maintain my weight whilst on holiday.

So hang on, haven’t I been bad?

Looking back I realise that my ‘cheats’ were not actually as bad my mind imagined them to be. If I had to calculate how much I actually ate in a day in terms of calories, it wouldn’t actually be as scary as I imagined. Also, whilst I didn’t exactly workout as I do at home (my trainer’s going to torture me when I get back), the fact that I had to be my mother’s legs, meant that I was walking to the shops everyday (which according to the handy S Health app is about 9kms daily)

Lessons learned:
1. Our minds are our worst enemy. It was a daily internal struggle not to beat myself up about failing, which had I not managed to control would have sent me on a downwardnl spiral. Our minds can exaggerate (in my case), or minimise, (which may be the  case for others) what we are actually putting in (be it food or other areas) so it is important to write things down.

2. Repeat an action for long enough and it becomes a habit. Eat healthy, smaller portions and it will become something you will do without thinking about it. I think this may be what saved me this trip.

Plan for the week

1. Bootcamp  (check out LIVEFIT on facebook) is back on my agenda with my 1st session being this friday. I’m excited (and scared!) I even got myself some new training shoes and other cute training gear, including different coloured neon socks 🙂


Cute right?

2. Do up my meal plan and go grocery shopping as soon as I get back.


More of this clean eating

I’m back #teamcurvyandfit


Health Journey: Step Up Your Game

Hi fit fam, I know it’s been a while since  i shared my health journey dramas with you…but not to worry,  im still keeping at it.

So, by my records it has been 12 weeks since I started my health journey and truth be told, I haven’t been going at it as hard as I can. Yes I have lost weight and yes I do look and feel great but like any over- achiever,  getting by just isn’t good enough anymore.

I decided to step up my game, push myself and take my workouts to another level.

Attempt Number 1 consisted if me buying the Insanity Workout dvds which I did for all of 3 days. I hurt my knee and working out alone is so not motivating.  TOTAL FAIL.

Attempt Number 2 was something I had been meaning to do for a while….
A friend of mine, Muz has undergone an ‘out if this world’ transformation (see pic below) and has made it his mission to help others like me meet our fitness/weightloss goals. He has his own company called LIVEFIT and runs boot camp sessions three times a week.


LIVEFIT trainer and Inspiration

To see his transformation is truly inspiring and gives me hope that I can do it too. So I decided to sign up for his boot camp and learn and be trained by an expert. 



(Mo’nique is also an inspiration to me)

Attempt Number 1 Boot Camp: I missed the first day of boot camp because I was running late, got off work late, traffic was mad and to be honest, I was scared….so I went for mid-week church service instead…my body may not have gotten a work out but my spirit sure did.

Attempt Number 2 Boot Camp: I didn’t have traffic for an excuse and got there with 20 minutes to spare. I was so nervous, my tummy was in knots and I felt sick.A part of me wanted to bail but I knew it was for my own good (part of this has to do with the psychological scars from high school of always coming out last in athletics etc) Needless to say,  I survived my first day. The other boot campers were very supportive and were made up of people of all fitness levels (so my fears of reliving high school were just in my head).

The best part of day 1 for me was the end lol…okay the best part was the sprints we did and the worst were the burpees and the frog jumps- these made me close to throwing up (yep, that bad)


Before: contemplating bailing out


After: so glad its over


Fellow boot camper and friend Fadillah, one of my sisters closeat friends actually


Muz: the trainer

As I write this I’ve successfully made it through my 2nd boot camp session.  The highlights of today’s session definitely have to be the “suicides” and with a name like that, not for a good reason.

Weightloss Stats: 1.4kgs down
Goal for the week: 1kg

If you feel like your workout routine is getting mundane, I challenge you to step up your game.

Team Curvy and Fit 🙂
He that is in me is greater.

George Mbewe 1931-2012


“Grandfather is dead.”

Numbness, then regret because I didn’t get to say goodbye. I didn’t have time to go to the farm. Time….

But the word of God says “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Its hard to be thankful in situations like this…but let’s see..

1) I am thankful that my grandfather got to meet Matthew and they got along ‘like a house on fire’. He gave us his blessing.

2) I am thankful that my mum got to spend some time with her dad before he passed away

3) I thankful because my grandfathers sickness has brought my cousin Elizabeth and I back together after about 6 years of not talking

4) I am thankful for all the people in my life, family and friends that have been praying for my grandfather.

5) My grandfather accepted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour on Thursday. He died on Saturday. He was 81 years of age. I am thankful.

Who Am I?


‘Who am I?”.

A question that I’m sure many of us have asked ourselves. This question usually comes with the feeling of being lost and as someone who was once lost I went through the famous ‘I need to find myself’ period.

How hard can finding oneself be really?

Well, after years of searching for Mwenya, man, I got tired of looking- I must have been looking in all the wrong places and if you are like me, looking in the wrong places, chances are you won’t ‘find yourself’. I like to think that God must have gotten tired of seeing me not making any progress, so He pointed me to the right direction; He pointed me towards Him. He helped me ‘find’ Him and when I ‘found’ Him, I found the me I thought I had lost.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart” Jeremiah 1:5. God knows me, knew me even before I existed, before even my parents met- who better than God to help me find myself?

Finding yourself, when you truly do find yourself, is a life-changing experience. My life is not the same. I am not the same me- I am a better, happier, more confident me.

So who am I?

I am a woman who has been set apart by God. I am a Divine, Inspirational, Virtuous and Anointed woman. I am a DIVA. 🙂