Tiye Tiye For God’s Kingdom

‘Many of us tend to think “Everything I have is the Lord’s,  except my eating and exercise habits. Those are mine.” Or we think,  “My life is the Lord’s,  but my body belongs to me, and I can do with it whatever feels good”. But when we are the Lord’s,  our body has to be surrendered to Him just like everything else. Caring for our body is not something we can do successfully independent of God.

The motivation for what we do in the area of body care is very important. It will affect how successful we are. If we eat right and exercise merely to look great in our clothes,  it won’t be enough to sustain us as we get older. But if we eat right and engage in proper exercise for the purpose of being a more vital, healthy, energetic and useful servant of the Lord, this has eternal consequences and you are more likely to stick with it.’extracted from The Power of A Praying Woman, Chapter 23 by Stormie Omartian

I dont know about you but lately i have been struggling to keep up with my healthy habits. Maybe it is because i have achieved my goal to look good and feel better about myself,  so hey, i can take it easy right? Wrong.

The above extract from the book ‘The Power of a Praying Woman’ by Stormie Omartian (the chapter entitled ‘Lord, Heal Me, Help Me Care for My Body’) has given me the push i need to keep going and i hope it helps someone else out there too.

We all know that weight loss is positively linked to our level of confidence.   And all of us can testify that this health journey is no walk in the park, but have you ever wondered why?  Have you ever thought that maybe you are struggling because the enemy who comes to ‘steal, kill and destroy’ (John 10:10) is fighting you on this one because he knows the power and confidence your weight loss journey will build inside you for you to fulfil Gods purpose for your life, for His Kingdom?

Some of us may be struggling to win this battle, but instead of trying to do it in our own strength what we need to do is committ even this battle of our health journey to the Lord.


Tiye Tiye for God’s Kingdom.

Working Hard…or Hardly Working?

Lately,  a couple of people have been asking me if im still ‘dieting’….not to worry, I have managed to resist the temptation to strangle them as I scream ITS NOT A DIET, ITS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!’

So, to answer their questions. Yes and No. Yes I am still on my weightloss journey, and No because, like I said, its a lifestyle change. I do watch what I eat 90% of the time, but I do also treat myself. Yes I do work out (sometimes religiously) but I do also have my “gym today? Meh…” days. When I get back to it, I have my personal trainer who kicks my butt for disappearing on him…speaking of which..im due for a beating!

Here’s what my gym buddy and I have been up to…or rather not been up to lately (hides face)


#GymSelfie Clearly we have our priorities right





Another thing about gyming, let alone having a personal trainer is that truth be told, it can get expensive.

One thing that should never change is your mindset about your ultimate goal.
Find a way to make it work.
What I do when I’m not able to volunteer myself for physical torture is i try to go for walks/jogs (mostly walks lol). If you have a DVD Player, you can also invest in some work out DVDs like Insanity (lol which I did for all of 3 days, Shaun T is….insane!) or Gillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.

I have been lazy lately but thanks to all yall checking up on me, I better get back to it.

Now activating #beastmode


Health Journey: Reloaded (2014)

Theres nothing like the start of a New Year to get you motivated. It must be the feeling of a fresh start, new opportunities and the chance to re-write the book on one’s life-  i believe there’s no better time than the new year to make your life over.

So here I am at the start of a new year. 2014- My year of going beyond limits. With this in mind, its time for me to set my goals for the year, starting with my health goals.

I started my health journey in 2013


2013: Before


2013: During

Though I am happy with the progress I made in 2013, I am ready to go beyond my limits in 2014.

Today, 02/01/2014 I have got myself some special new walking shoes (hypothetical) and some new special kind of fuel (also hypothetical) and im ready for my Heath Journey: Reloaded and I’ve got my game face on.


So here are my goals (I’ve never actually shared my stats but hey, 2014, full disclosure)



New Year, New Me, Going Beyond Limits.


Health Journey: Pros (and Con?)

I have been on this journey for just over 3 months now and along with the weight I have lost, I have noticed a lot of other chages, so thought it would be fun to categorise them into ‘Pros and Cons (if at all)’.

Pros- the positive changes that keep me going

1. My skin is glowing! My workmates keep telling me my skin is glowing and “what product are you using” or “ooh girl you must be in love!” . Anyone who knows me well knows I’m the laziest person when it comes to facial products and routines (my mum has tried and failed to get me to ‘take better care of your skin, you are a woman’.) As for the being in love part,  I am very much in love….but my skin problems started around the time we met lol! My conclusion; clean eating is what has done it.


Before vs. Aftet

2. I look younger. Several people after seeing the photo below have commented on how young I look and one person went as far as saying I look 16!


3. I have a waist…well one you can define. Refer to above photo.

4. Boob shrinkage. If you have lived most of your life with a heavy set of these, you know what I mean.

5. Shopping has become more fun. I have been able to walk into shops and try things on with more confidence, not worrying about the stare coming from the fitting room attendant as if she’s saying “girl, who are you kidding? ‘

6. Random people at the most random of times noticing the changes my body has gone through. This morning I was beating myself up about not working hard enough…and then I hear a knock on my door and an old family friend is outside and exclaims at how I’m looking now. God knew i needed a pick-me-up.

7. The jealous stares!  I don’t know what it is about females and I’m not sure if this is just a Zambian thing but women normally give each other these funny looks when they see someone looking good and I have been getting those! Hehehehehe You know you only get haters when you are doing something right (ask Jesus)

8. I’m not as moody. I have a lot to be happy about. 😀


Happy Me

9. Being an inspiration to others. Knowing that my journey is helping someone else is humbling and  you will never know how far that text message, email, Facebook comment goes in keeping me going.

Cons- are there any?
Not that I can think of. Things such as clothes becoming loose and having to take my dresses to the tailor to be taken in every so often…well I can live with that!

CurvyFitGirl (yeah that’s me..)

Health Journey: What’s Your Motivation?

I have been thinking a lot about why I decided to go on this journey.  What makes this different from all the other times I started only to be back to square one, only this time weighing more than I did to begin with?  I mean,  I have lost 18 kilos before, but gained it all back with another 2 on top just for measure- who does that? I did. Why?

I realise now that my motivation was all wrong. Back then I did it because I wanted to look good for other people to notice. Oh and notice they did….but once the compliments started coming and I started receiving the attention I thought I needed  to build my self-esteem. ..I thought I had made it. My theme song could easily have been that popular song from the movie “Maid in Manhattan” (yes I know from the top of my head where the song comes from because I did plan a “coming out” party *hides face*). So the song went something like this I’m coming out, I want the world to know, got to let it show….there’s a new me coming out…’ (just Google’d it, apparently it was done by Diana Ross).

I digress…what I realised is that though I was looking great, I hadn’t fixed the inside. For me this went deeper than just low self-esteem…my life had no meaning,  no purpose…but this is not my testimony ( I really should get on to that project)

So here I am again, on another journey. This time though, I am not doing it for anyone else but me. Its not only about looking good, its also about feeling great inside and out, being healthy, being whole and discovering a better me. I know my inside is fixed because ‘He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world’ (1John 4:4).

It’s not been easy and I have slipped (the last two weeks have been bad), but as with all of lifes challenges,  I have gotten back up and dusted myself off.  It is so easy to blame others for your failure, but at the end of the day I am accountable to me. I want this for me.

Results: 8 weeks in and I have lost 7.1kgs (11.1kgs from my heaviest weight)

Just realised I haven’t talked about my actual motivations….to be continued….

Team Curvy and Fit

Health Journey: Not Going Back (Week 6)

When you have been overweight for most of your life like I have, having to go to the doctors is usually at the bottom of your to-do list, well it has been for me.

I haven’t been feeling too well for the last week or so and have been putting off going to see a doctor,  but today I had no choice. At my clinic, the normal routine is to have your blood pressure,  temperature and yep, you guessed it, your weight measured before the doctor sees you. I always dread this part because there is usually some nurse who makes some funny comment when they see how much I weigh.

So here I am standing on this scale, bracing myself for the nurse’s comment and nothing…she writes down my current weight, flips back a couple of pages in my file and congratulates me for having lost 10kgs from my last visit!!

I never knew that my weight had gotten that bad (I never weighed myself before I started this journey and most overweight people do not because they are in denial) and now that I know what to my knowledge is my heaviest weight, I am so proud of myself and I can confidently say I AM NOT GOING BACK!

I am 10kgs lighter from my heaviest weight and 6.2kgs down from when I officially began this journey.


Brighter, healthier days ahead of me

I might have a long journey and a lot of hard work (and squats) ahead of me, but only God can create a universe in six days.


#teamcurvynfit ♥