Getting Married in Zambia | Step 3: Kitchen Party (Part 1)

It’s  been over a year since i had my Kitchen Party, which was on the 23rd of August, 2015.

What is a Kitchen Party you ask? It’s another opportunity for the bride to look beautiful of course!


Spot @LeSizzleCafe helping me get ready


Seriously though, going by my experience from my own Kitchen Party or “KP” as my mum and i call it, it’s another event that prepares the bride for marriage. 
Married women, most likey the brides family, the mother’s friends and her new family, come together to celebrate the brides upcoming marriage, as well as offer wisdom. More importantly, it is the mother of the brides “final goodbye” (figuratively of course) because her daughter is no longer her child, but has become a woman, responsible for her own home.

It’s not as morbid as it sounds.  It’s a celebration. Its a rite of passage. The best part? The gifts of course!

The reason for the theme of this party is because the guests bring different gifts, mainly for the kitchen,  to help the bride start her home- they don’t  say “the way to a mans heart is through his stomach” for nothing.
Gifts range from big items such a a stove and fridge to smaller items such as dinner sets, cutlery, a toaster and other appliances, cooking sticks, you name it. Traditionally (though I’m not quite sure where this particular “tradition” came from, i have an idea but can’t be bothered to get into that right now), the Brides family purchases the stove, whilst the grooms family purchase the fridge.


Bride's stage and committe gift display

Also, the MOB (Mother of the Bride) would have set up a committee of her closest friends prior to the event that help her not only plan the event, but also purchase some of the biggger items for her daughter- you can only imagine how expensive it can get! Then the rest is brought by the guests- who depending on the invitation will be asked to bring gifts only or money only  or both- the money option is normally to enable the bride to purchase fir herself what she wants for her kitchen as gifts can get repetitive. Alternatively, thd brude can set uo a registry. My invitation gave our guests an option of either gift or money and let’s just say i raised a considerable amount of money and i got a number of gorgeous dinner sets that i still don’t have space to store it all.


Invitations with Save The Date Bookmarks


Committee gifts on display

The bride will also have her committee of friends that put money together to gift her items to add to the display, as well as help in ensuring the event goes on without a hitch. This normally includes setting up the display, keeping the bride calm, welcoming guests and any thing that the MOB may require. The committee is identified by their uniform chitenge, check out my fabulous friends below

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OOTD: Blue Skies and Tartan

It’s official Summer is here!

It’s  gotten so hot over the last couple of days and yesterday i really did not feel like getting out of the  house. All i wanted to do was sit on the couch, watch movies and eat my  second favorite summer treat – freezits! (Popular iced treat in Zambia). My all time favorite treat is cool watermelon.

So anyway, i have choir practice on Saturday afternoons so staying indoors was not an option. So what do you wear when you dont want to wear anything?

I decided to keep it simple with a plain white tee, stretchy tartan skirt and borrowed green sandals.




God blessed me with a change in weather – i ended up enjoying a cool breeze and some drops of rain and it totally changed my mood. Definitely  worth an afternoon of praising Him.

Don’t you just love it when God surprises you?

Outfit Deets
Tee: Pep
Skirt: Identity (SA)
Sandals: borrowed from a friend who got them from her sister  (i know right)
Hair: Custom made wig by Yam’s Collections at Arcades Mall

Interviews and Auditions

I started writing this moooonths ago but never got round to finishing it..but here goes…

I have spent the last couple of weeks of my life in a jittery state. I dont know about you but whenever i have something big happening, i get so nervous and my life becomes a series of sleepless nights and a running tummy (as if I’m on some kind of detox)- my final year exams were definitely  a time i would rather forget.

The last 2 weeks i have been preparing for job interviews and auditions.  There is nothing worse than putting yourself out there (in a vulnerable) position to be judged by people who know nothing about you – and it’s entirely up to you to impress them in 10 minutes or less. You can go through as many interview questions as possible, or rehearse the song you’re going to sing a thousand times,  but the outcome isn’t really up to you. You performance will be judged by those who have granted you this opportunity.


My life back when i first started writing this felt like it was in limbo. The music ministry at my church was being refreshed and I needed a new job (and more money, that always helps). Simply put, i needed to be in a place where i would be given the opportunity to grow, to flourish, to be able to spread my wings. I was so unhappy in my previous job that waking up was a struggle. I had attended a couple of promising job interviews before, i had been told the job was mine but somehow i always found myself walking through the same doors.

I reached a point where i think i gave up and accepted my fate in a place that was making me unhappy. Till i got a call and i found myself preparing for an Interview and an Audition in the same week.

Was i ready for the biggest performances of my life?
Truth be told, i wasn’t. There’s only so much i could have done to prepare- this was one if the first times i totally relied on God- you know, when you say “let Your will be done in my life Lord”, only this time you really mean it.


4 months down the line, i am in a new job with a new company that is encouraging me to grow, to flourish and to spread my wings and my ministry is back on track and i have been asked to be a part of its leadership (me, the girl that thought she couldn’t even sing).

It wasn’t an accident that i had an interview and an audition in the same week- God was up to something and He isn’t finished with me yet. Just like He isn’t finished with You. He has not forgotten about you- He knows what you are going through and He is up to something.


OOTD: Kinda Funky, Kinda Fresh

What do you wear when you are supposed to look sporty yet you cannot you cannot wear your gym gear to church? And you are rocking some funky braided up-do?

Leather. And sneakers.




Outfit details:
Hair: Yami’s Collections, Arcades Mall Lusaka, Zambia
Tee: ‘Thiefted” from Hubby’s wardrobe  (but originally from Mr. Price)
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Sneakers: random sports store in Berlin

Special mentions:
MOA: Moi, as in me! I know right?
Photography: Selfie-stick (hubby has been replaced)

Ps: white ankle socks also thiefted from hubby – what’s his is mine kikikiki

Kinda funky, kinda fresh.


Peace out.

Why I Sing

I have never been good at expressing myself. Perhaps it’s because i grew up being the only girl in a house full of boys. ..well having two older brothers was like having six.  I thought i had to be as loud as them in order to be noticed, not that I knew it then of course.

I preferred to  be lost in the magical world that an author’s imagination could take me to. But i never got to express myself. I know that sounds sad but i had a happy childhood. I was a loud, talkative little girl that just hadn’t found  her voice yet, pretending to be someone that maybe she really wasn’t (that sounds really deep for a little  girl).

I discovered that i loved to sing. I loved the way it made me feel.  I loved that i was finally able to express what was on my heart. I loved that i didn’t have to pretend to be someone else, that when i sang my family could finally see me. Singing showed me that there was something deep inside of me that needed to get out.

I am a young Christian woman and i still sing today. I still sing today because it remains an honest and pure way to express myself, for my own sake as well as to express what God has placed inside of me. The thing with singing (and i am talking about worshipping God) from the heart is that you can’t hide from the truth. You can try and hide from it for a while ,  or you can try and fight it but thats a losing battle.

When God places ‘ a song’ inside of you, ,it’s for a purpose. It’s not for that song to just sit idle inside of you. Its to save a generation, to draw the lost, to heal the broken.

I have been hiding, i have been fighting, i have been holding back. But i am ready. Its time to let my song out.

I’m ready.

I Just Called to Say….


Lord, i know that lately my mind hasn’t been on You,
But on the little and so-called big worries of everyday life.
‘Do not be anxious about anything’, Your Word to me isnt new,
As i learn everday the Power of a Praying Wife.

So today i just want to Praise you, just for who you are,
You who first loved me, Before i was formed, You knew Me.
For what You have done Lord, for all Your splendour,
I praise You today, King of Kings, Majesty.

You deserve all Glory, You have been so good to me,
Several times i have knocked and many open doors I have seen.
You are worthy of all praise, there is nowhere else i would rather be,
I lift up my hands and my voice, looking back at where i have been.

Everlasting King, whose eye is ever on the sparrow,
Im thankful for Your ear thats always ready to hear my every cry.
I will always choose life, no matter the path thats narrow,
You are more than worthy, because just for me, you sent Your Son to die.

I know these words, compared to Your love Lord is not much,
But my heart will sing your praises all my days on this earth.
You who ensures that Your annointed, none can touch,
Your praise shall continually be in my mouth, though more is what you are worth.

I Love you Lord, more than anything i could ever give,
With everything that is within me, i present the praise You are due.
My words may make no sense, but for You Lord  i will always  live,
I just called to say…LORD I LOVE YOU.

LOTD: Bright, Bold & Beautiful

Its been a while since i posted up some my “outfits of the day” (OOTD) so here’s  a quick one.

I actually dreamt up this look…or maybe spent too much time on Pinterest before falling asleep  🙂 so i knew exactly what i wanted to wear today.


Work Selfie


Outfit Details
White  Mesh Top: Jet
Pink Jersey:  Mr Price
Purple Belt: Mr Price
Skirt: “Thrifted” (Fresh off the streets of Lusaka)
Yellow Pumps: Online

Oh and Hair by Nana using AfroKinky.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful.

Mrs. CurvyAfricanDiva